Free Editing Tools To Make Dissertation Writing Easier

If a student doesn’t plan to buy dissertation on the web, they should write and edit it on their own. If it’s difficult for you to edit your academic paper by yourself, you can use different online tools to make the process easier and faster. Some of them are even free to use.

Dissertation Help: Online Tools for Editing Your Paper

  • Hemingway Editor. This is an excellent tool that can detect different types of mistakes. It’ll let you know if it finds too long sentences with a bad fragmentation, too many adverbs in one sentence, and so on. The tool highlights different types of errors with different colors.
  • Slick Write. This tool will analyze your text in detail. It’ll detect not only the obvious mistakes but also misused terms, filler words, passive words, and so on. Using this tool, you’re likely to quickly improve the quality of your writing.
  • PaperRater. The special feature of this tool is that it does more than just detects your mistakes. It also gives your paper a score. If the tool gives your academic work a low score, it’s likely that your professor won’t be impressed by your paper too. If the tool’s rating of your paper is high, you’ll be likely to impress other people with your work too.
  • Grammarly. This is an excellent tool for finding grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other types of mistakes. The tool also gives you the option of checking your paper either in American or British English.
  • Plagtracker. Using this tool, you can compare your paper to many other academic works posted on the Internet and check whether it contains plagiarized contents. If some parts of your text coincide with academic works of other people, it’s advisable to rewrite them.

Getting Help: Dissertation Writing Sources to Hire

If you don’t wish to compose and edit your paper, you can hire a third party to do this. Fortunately, there are many good sources of help to approach:

  • Talented students. In your university, there may be a few students with remarkable writing skills who assist others with their writing tasks. Asking one of them to write a thesis for you is an excellent idea. If they agree, they’ll provide you with a paper of decent quality for an affordable sum of money.
  • Local writers. If you want to purchase a custom dissertation of the highest quality, it’s advisable to deal with a competent writer. Such specialists are likely to be found in your city. Visit local academic centers to get the contact details of thesis writers. Having contacted a local writer, you can organize a meeting with them to discuss your order.
  • Freelance writers. The Internet is full of freelancers who provide dissertation writing assistance. You’re likely to find a lot of good specialists on big job boards. It’s not recommended to hire a freelancer without checking their education and resume, however. You might hire an amateur who only pretends to be a professional.
  • Thesis writing agencies. On the Internet, you can also make a deal with a dissertation service. A professional online company should be able to write a custom paper on any topic for you. Moreover, it should be able to complete your order within a short period of time, unlike individual writers. This is because online agencies have plenty of employees in their staff.

Now that you know about a few excellent and free online tools, editing your paper should be much easier to you. Remember, however, that even very useful tools aren’t perfect. It’s important to proofread your text at least once on your own too. You can spot some errors and inconsistencies that the tools have missed.