Tips for Choosing a Dissertation Topic You Can Handle

There is no easy way around it. From the moment you decided to write a dissertation, you’ve probably heard over and over that it is going to be hard work. This is 100 percent true and the first difficult part that you will encounter is in deciding what topic to choose.

What a Dissertation Topic Is

Before you think about choosing a dissertation topic that you will be able to handle without the maximum pressure, you first need to understand what a dissertation topic should be. It should propose new ideas, new development, and a new area of research. It can be a continuum of another person’s work but must still essentially bring new thoughts to the discussion.

What a Dissertation Topic Isn’t

This isn’t a literature review. It isn’t reading sources and making a summary of the information you find. It involves analytical thinking.

Choosing an Easy Topic

Some may accurately inform you that with a dissertation there is no easy topic. It involves a lot of work, writing, researching and revising. However, there are a few things to consider that will lower the level of difficulty of a dissertation topic.

  • Look for a topic you are passionate about. You may have heard of the saying that if you choose a career that you love, then you will never work a day in your life. This is somewhat true for your dissertation as well. If you are writing about a topic that you are passionate about, it makes it easier each time you have to open a book or sit in front of the computer.
  • Look for a topic for which you can get quality sources. There is nothing worse than having a topic which you cannot find resources for. Ensure there’s a variety of literature at your ready as well as possible people to contact to relay primary information.
  • Select a topic of familiarity. The more familiar you are with a topic already, the easier it will be for you. Also, consider the familiarity of the topic with regards to the people that you know so you can get assistance when necessary.
  • Select a topic that is not extensive in scope. Choose a topic that will fit into your schedule and time frame.

So, there is the good news for you. Even though writing a dissertation may require a lot of work, you can find ways to make it easier on yourself. Following the advice above and choosing a manageable topic will help you go a long way.