Dissertation Writing Manuals

Hints You Should Use Before Starting To Write A Dissertation

It is categorically impossible to write a dissertation without formulating a plan beforehand. There are several things that will need to be in place before you start writing, here are some of them.

Choose a topic

The majority of students are unsure of what to write about for their thesis. They may have several ideas but no specific research question. This can cause panic and anxiety in some students. Here is some advice to help you choose a topic:

  • Speak to other students and discuss what they are thinking about. Their ideas may help you to gain some focus.
  • Read other dissertations. Take some time out and go to the library and read the work of previous students who were on the same course as you. The topics might inspire you to move forward with your idea.
  • Consider things that you are interested that you think could be transferred into a research project.
  • Is there anything in your course that has hit a raw nerve, something that you really didn’t like that you feel needs to be changed. Anger is often a good form of inspiration.

Develop a research question

Once you have selected a topic you will need to formulate a research question. It is here that you will refine the topic and turn it into a focus that will guide your project. Your research question is actually a research problem that defines the following:

  • The subject of your investigation
  • What do you want to explore, prove or disprove? This is your main argument
  • The limitations of your research, what you will not be able to investigate

Your research problem should be established early because it will steer you in the right direction as you formulate your project. Everything you do that counts towards your thesis you should ask yourself whether or not it is going to help you to address your research problem.

As you discover more about your research problem you should be willing to revise it. You might find that certain information that you were expecting to analyze is no longer available. Or you might find a new concept or piece of information that leads you to rethink your thesis problem. Before you make revisions to your plans, make sure that you consult your supervisor as they will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Research proposal

This is a detailed description of your dissertation. Some colleges require a proposal as a part of your thesis assessment, some don’t. Even if it isn’t a formal requirement, write one anyway as it will be a great help in steering your project. Your proposal is an extension of your research problem and you will be able to define it more effectively during this stage. An extensive research proposal will provide you with the opportunity to map out the entire project and it is a great help when you start writing.