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This on-line application enables you to produce a regulation compliant Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Simply fill in the requested information on each page and, when done, click the button labeled “Next >>”. You can return to previously viewed pages by clicking the button labeled “<< Back”.

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The Item List, to the left, allows for quick navigation to previously entered information. When you enter a new page, the page name, will be added to the bottom of the list. You can move to a different page by simply clicking it’s name. The name of the page you are currently on will be highlighted.

The program is provided with integrated help. During the interview, when you see a blue, underlined word, like this, clicking it will pop up a help screen with relevant information (Try the one above, for an example). For a complete overview of how to create a compliant CCR, click the menu item labeled "Help".

Please do not use your browsers "Back" button to navigate the site. It can cause unexpected behavior. Instead, please use the buttons provided by the program or the left-side navigation list to move between pages.